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How to Find an Internship at an Agency, Part 2

Welcome back to the “how to” blog series on finding an internship at an agency. Hopefully, you found the first two steps helpful and have come back for more. So I’ll stop wasting your time and get to the point:

Step 3 – The search

Use any and all resources available to you to find potential internships and companies to work at. If you’re looking for agencies in a specific geographic area, an easy way to start a list of companies is by simply using Google searches. Also, using resources on campus, such as a career center, can be very helpful. It is important that you make a long list of agencies, because landing an internship at an agency many times comes down to the number of places you’ve applied to.

Step 4 – Calling, emailing, and finding contacts

Now is when you should start to contact the agencies that you want to work at. First, make a word document that has an outline of what you will say in your calls and emails to each agency. This can help create an assembly line approach that will be helpful in contacting a large number of agencies—but be sure to tailor what you say to each company so that each phone call/email is company specific.

Find as many contacts as possible. The applications at agencies start piling up and your application will most likely be lost in the mass of other intern hopefuls. Your best chance at being considered is by contacting people within the agency directly by calling or emailing them. This means finding a contact in human resources or anyone else that looks like he or she may be involved in the internship process.

Perhaps the best possible way to get that coveted interview is to find a contact within the agency who will refer you to someone that he or she knows. Any relatives or friends who have worked in agencies can serve as great networking tools. Even on campus, using teachers, fellow students, and other staff is a great way to find a useful contact.

After speaking with the contacts you’ve found, still apply through each agency’s preferred application process. The more lines you cast out, the better chance you’ll have of catching a fish.

Step 5 – Check back, but give it time

After you’ve gone through the first three steps, it’s time to start playing the waiting game. Be careful, though, if you haven’t heard back from any companies within a week and a half or so, contact them to check in on the progress. From here, you’ll have to play it by ear to be sure that you’re not forgotten, but be even more certain that you aren’t being a nuisance by continually asking for updates.

So that’s it. Those are the five steps I used and recommend that you use to find an internship at an agency. Ultimately, the process will vary somewhat for everyone, but these five steps should serve as a solid foundation for anyone looking to land an agency internship.


How to Find an Internship at an Agency, Part 1

Over the course of my time at Martino Flynn I will be blogging a “how to” series about all things related to internships. Why should you trust me? Well, I’m at one right now.


Internships are IMPORTANT

As college students preparing to be let out into the current job market, we are all aware of the importance of completing several internships before we begin the daunting search for our first job. The more internships we can complete, the more experience we will have, and, ultimately, the better our chances of obtaining the career we set out to find will be.


So say you have already put in the work to build your resume up, you’ve done well in school, and developed a great portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you own your own business, have a 4.0, and the president of your college is listed as a reference; companies aren’t going to look your way until you start making them look. And so the search for attention begins…

Step 1 – Defining your goals

Before you begin searching for an internship, it is critical that you define what you are looking for. The type of company, the size of the company, and the location are all attributes to consider. Are you looking for a full-service, large-scale agency in Chicago or do you want to be a part of a tiny ad firm in your hometown? Rank the agencies from most to least appealing.

Start your search off around your top choices, but remember, don’t limit your options. If you aren’t getting the fish to bite at the companies you’ve applied to intern at, then be open to backup options. You won’t always find the perfect internship, but that’s part of being in this tough job market and you’ll need to learn to adjust.

Step 2 – Start your search early

Once you have outlined your goals, don’t wait to start searching for an internship. There is no better time than now (well, there may be better times, but unless you have a really good excuse, you should honestly start searching ASAP). Many companies have specific deadlines for applications, so don’t let your chances of getting hired go to zero by missing the deadline.

Later this week, I will go over the final three steps in the search process. So stay tuned for steps three, four, and five. In the meantime, start your search. You’ll be thankful later that you did.




Interns, schminterns. We were more than that.

Here it is; my last day at the Greenhouse at Martino Flynn. I have to admit, that snuck up on me. Sometimes it feels like those 3 months flew by, but then I remember how much we accomplished in 3 months. As a team, we helped in new business research for multiple pitches, and were also responsible for our Greenhouse duties.

I am very proud of myself and this team. We were fortunate enough to work in a real agency with an amazing culture. I think my Greenhouse team very quickly shed the “interns” image and became professionals. We were invited to sit in on actual client meetings and assist in the brainstorming of new campaigns. How many “interns” can say they did that?

Coming from a creative background definitely made some eye brows go up, but I quickly realized how beneficial my schooling was. I was able to pull in creative insight to the marketing problems.  And after all, isn’t that what advertising is all about. So here I am, at the end of a great internship. Continuing my job search with an arsenal of new skills and knowledge. One could say that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


Farewell for now to the Greenhouse- Summer 2011

When reflecting upon my experience at Martino Flynn this summer, it has hit me exactly how fast the summer went by, and how much I learned over the past 10 weeks. I always knew that getting hands – on experience would help me prepare and launch myself into the field of public relations- but I never expected to walk away with the amount of experience I obtained.

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Intern Tip: Interviewing

After being at Martino Flynn for three weeks now, I have taken a step back to look at where this all began. Now I know many people love to just jump over the interview process and get straight to the office stuff. However, it’s important to know how you actually got to be sitting in that cubicle. You can ask many people what the appropriate way to handle an interview is and you will a range of answers, but these are what I believe to be the most important tips when preparing yourself for the interview process.

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