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How an Internship Builds Confidence

We’ve all been through it at one point or another– the nervousness that comes with an unfamiliar situation. As you enter through the golden gates to adulthood and are given greater responsibilities, feeling nervous is unavoidable. Perhaps one of the greatest examples of this feeling is applying for your first internship or job. It can be nerve-wracking; that first application sent out, the initial contact for the interview, the awkward waiting in the lobby and, of course, the hopefully not-so-sweaty handshake. Blurred apprehension at its finest.

But it’s all worth it in the end. Once you dress up, show up, nail that interview, get the job, and do well at it, the confidence that radiates from you as a result is an invaluable asset. This newfound confidence will help you further enhance your career experience, time management skills, and networking abilities.

BIGGER RESUME – College students indulge in activities that boost their engagement in the community and build their personal brand. Having a resume helps to define your worth and an internship is a vital piece of the equation. Being able to say I’ve done research, worked in a team, and shadowed intelligent marketing professionals at an agency looks great for future employers and sets me apart from my peers. For example, I can definitely say that I feel more confident having Martino Flynn’s name on my resume because of its recognition.

BIGGER SCHEDULE – Second to being nervous, the next dark cloud of emotions is feeling overwhelmed. This summer I interned three days a week and worked in retail the opposite days. On top of that, I juggled a summer class and my social relationships. Life has been a whirlwind of events this summer, but it has allowed me to manage my time efficiently. (Note: This may or may not include a series of color-coded calendar reminders and nicely prioritized to-do lists!) But now I know my limits and when I need to simply say, “No.” It’s made me more confident in knowing that I can take on a lot and still succeed.

BIGGER NETWORK – People understand that everyone has to start somewhere. As an intern, the key is to stay proactive with projects. For example, I’ve initiated some informational interviews across all departments, asked to sit in on meetings, and wasn’t afraid to say, “I like your shoes!” to someone I hardly knew. By doing so, I’ve established relationships with very down-to-earth, kind professionals that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my career.

Being a “big person” can be exciting. You juggle all sorts of tasks, you connect with intelligent people, and you adapt. You may not always know what to expect, which can cause those nervous feelings, but you walk away feeling more confident. My internship at Martino Flynn has opened my eyes to the real world and I’m proud to say this experience will help me in my future.