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Truly creative advertising shines above the rest

SuperMan Ad

The thing that draws me the most towards advertising – what makes me excited to get involved with it as a career – is because of its ability to engage people and make them feel something.  These ads are great examples of effective, creative advertising that makes a connection with the audience.

Nikon Ad

Where these advertisements shine is the way they’ve fully embraced the brands they are representing. If you look at each of the ads you will be hard-pressed to find more than two words on any one of them.  They have found incredibly creative and effective ways to engage their audience with the core essence of their brand in one image.

Hot Wheels Ad

These are the types of advertisements I want to work on in my career. I want to break through the clutter and meet a client’s customers in a way that engages them and truly brings them value.

FatFit Planet Fitness

When a brand embraces what they are and shares that with their audience in an honest, creative way, they will create a lasting memory – and, if they’re lucky, a relationship with their customer.

Mr. Clean Ad

Fall 2013 Intern Introduction

Group Photo

From left to right: Evan Mulvehill, John Allen, Shelly Massachi, Cali Gaydorus, and Nick Guadagnino

Hi, we’re the fall 2013 crop of Greenhouse interns and we’ll be posting here weekly about our experiences in the agency!

Evan Mulvehill
Rochester Institute of Technology ‘14

I survived a neglect-filled childhood as a middle child (3rd of 4) in Webster, New York. In the fall of 2011, I started as a computer engineering major at RIT, but after a couple of quarters spent staring at computer screens, I switched into business for the sake of my eyesight and sanity. I am now a third year marketing student aiming to graduate in May, 2014, but I am taking a short 15 week hiatus to be the account service/project management intern at Martino Flynn. I actively play many sports (perhaps too actively) including, soccer, football, golf, volleyball and basketball, resulting in a continual series of injuries. Between icing sessions and the journey to becoming a marketing guru, I enjoy watching a wide array of comedies, listening to 90’s rock, and playing guitar. I am also a dedicated Miami Dolphins fan for unknown reasons.

John Allen
SUNY Geneseo ‘14

Everyone has a moment in their lives when they decide “I want to do that.” For some, it happens in college; for others it takes a lifetime of searching. When it happened to me, I was a 10-year-old kid watching commercials on a Saturday morning. I thought to myself, “who actually makes these ads that I see every day?” I didn’t know how I would do it at the time, but I knew that I was going to be a part of that when I was older. As one of the account service interns in the Greenhouse program at Martino Flynn, I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible about what it takes to bring a client’s message to the big screen – and all the small ones in between.

Shelly Massachi
SUNY Geneseo ‘13

Hi I’m Shelly; I’m the copywriter intern here at Martino Flynn. I just graduated from SUNY Geneseo with degrees in both Communication and Vocal Performance. I’ve lived in Rochester since I was barely a year old and before that I was in Israel, where I was born. I hope to leave home and move to New York City someday soon to pursue a career in either advertising or public relations. Until then, my experiences at Martino Flynn are definitely helping me prepare for the future.

Cali Gaydorus
SUNY Brockport ‘13

Hi there! My name is Cali and I am the Art Director intern for Martino Flynn this fall! I graduated this past May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and Graphic Design from The College at Brockport. I love design and I am so excited that I have the opportunity to work here at Martino Flynn and see the kind of work that goes into advertising and marketing campaigns. This has been a great experience so far and I am definitely looking forward to having that continue!

Nick Guadagnino
Rochester Institute of Technology ‘14

In all of my experiences, whether it be at work or school, I have made tremendous efforts to ensure that everyone is happy. That’s the kind of personality that I carry. If someone is displeased, then it affects me just as much. I knew public relations was the field for me because of this quality. When I graduate from RIT this spring, I intend to find a career within a marketing agency so I can continue making people, clients, and co-workers as happy as possible.

Group Selfie 1