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Typography, Music, and Motion

If you know me and my relationship with graphic design, you know that one of my favorite parts about it is typography, or how type is used to create design. If you know me at all in any other sort of way, you know that I absolutely love music. So, naturally, when two of my loves are combined into one, I get very excited. Cue the Lyric Video!

Below I am sharing two music videos shared by two very different musical artists. Both songs depicted are brought to life by the use of typography, motion, and bright colors in order to engage the listener visually as well as audibly. The video for Revolution by Diplo also includes simple shapes in and motion order to represent other visual elements. The typography in these videos is simple, yet it creates something that is visually stimulating to the viewer. I hope that you enjoy these videos as much as I do and appreciate the typography within them for the are that it is.

(Please be advised that this video for F%!@ You by Ce Lo Green is not censored.)

Crest and Oral-B Use Halloween to Their Advantage

Halloween is probably the only holiday that revolves itself around small children scoring candy. Easter comes to mind as well, but that has more of a religious origin than Halloween seems to. So, what does candy do to small children? It gives them tummy aches and rots their teeth if they are not careful. Parents don’t want to deal with that, but what can they do?

Crest and Oral-B teamed up and have created an awesome video directed to parents in order to promote their products. Their logic is that you cannot change candy or have a candy-less Halloween, for children will go insane. This video “proves” that and provides their products as an alternative to taking away Halloween candy from kids. The concept behind this video is simple enough, but the unscripted kids really took the cake. My favorite part is at the 51 second mark. Enjoy!

“Yes, this is a real product. And yes, it really works.”

The first time I saw this commercial, I didn’t believe it was real. I had never heard of this product before and I honestly thought it was a joke. The 50s-esque outfit and clean cut girl talking about her poo? Yeah, there was no way. Well, I was wrong. This is a real product and this is a real commercial for it, an oh my gosh is it genius! This particular video was posted to YouTube on September 10th, only a little over a month ago, and it already has almost 14.7 MILLION VIEWS! That is incredible, and I believe it it because this commercial is so outrageous.
Many things are seen as taboo in society, talking about a bowel movement being one of them (gross), and so advertisers seem to sort of steer clear of talking about them. This video is almost shocking because the director gets right to the point of the product without really beating around the bush of what the product does. I honestly think that this is admirable, and though the video may be a bit shocking, it is more than affective of getting the attention of the audiences they are trying to reach. I say bravo for having the guts to be completely blunt because this advertisement is definitely effectively getting people to talk and building a buzz around the product.

Teamwork and Art Direction

When I first began my internship here at Martino, I had been a little confused as to what being an art director really meant. Do they just create things or is there more to it than just that? Being an art director in advertising is a lot more about teamwork than one would realize. In order to create a concept for an idea, an art director and a copywriter work together in order to make the copy, or words within an advertisement, and the visual aspects of the advertisement work together in order to portray the concept behind what the advertisement’s message is and what it is trying to get across. The art director and copywriter are also not only responsible for one type of media either. They work together for print and television, as well as any advertisements that one might see in the real world or on the internet.

Trying to get a message across to an audience is like trying to solve a puzzle. Every piece of the puzzle has to work together and fit together correctly in order for the big picture to be seen. Visual and conceptual have to come together cohesively, or the message that needs to be portrayed simply isn’t and the advertisement isn’t nearly as strong as it could be.

The Art Director of a project also coordinates almost all other aspects of the project. The video below shows the creation of an advertisement for the new Adobe Max. Art Directors behind this particular project not only facilitated how the final project would look but also highlighted the process behind the project was created, reflecting the fact that Adobe products are used behind the scenes to create.