Four Ways to Make Your Facebook or Instagram Video Stand Out

With every passing day, social media audiences grow larger and advertisers are capitalizing on the massive potential reach that social platforms offer. According to Statista, as of June 2016, over 2.2 billion people worldwide are active social media users. Of these users, 1.59 billion are active on Facebook, and 500 million are active Instagram users.

Though Facebook and Instagram have massive potential reach, creating an ad that stands out in the sea of content poses a unique challenge to marketers. A successful video must engage fast-scrolling users who are browsing through a seemingly endless stream of content. There is no perfect formula, but successful video ads have common characteristics that allow them to stand out and enable their brand’s content to reach millions of users. Here are four keys to creating a standout Facebook or Instagram video ad.

  1. Make it attention grabbing:

In the online world of scrolling and swiping, it is important to engage the viewer quickly before they move on to the next dog video or family photo. According to Social Media Examiner, a video should catch the attention of the viewer within five seconds. To accomplish this, it’s best to get to the action right away rather than opening with a still scene. Also, since Facebook and Instagram videos are silent until the user clicks on them, a video ad should engage the viewer and communicate the message with or without audio.

Example: National Geographic

  1. Keep it simple:

Due to the 60-second time constraint of Instagram videos—and the tendency for users to lose interest in long videos—an ad should focus on just one product or service. If a company wants to market multiple products on Facebook or Instagram, a short video should be made for each product rather than one long video that includes multiple products.

Example: Nike

  1. Personal

According to Target Marketing, 89 percent of customers are likely to switch to a brand that is associated with a good cause if the price and quality are similar. The growing Aspirational demographic cares more about what companies are doing socially than ever before. Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that focus on how companies are contributing to the world beyond their products have seen great successes. Through video ads on Facebook and Instagram, businesses can capitalize on the social media culture of interpersonal connection to foster a new type of relationship with consumers based on shared values. A video with a personal message can draw the consumer to the company in a way that will increase brand loyalty and engagement.

Example: Always

  1. High Quality

Most users access Facebook and Instagram on their mobile phone. Because of this, it is essential to use a 1:1 aspect ratio so the video properly fits a mobile screen. With the volume of high quality video content on social platforms, it is important to meet this standard to ensure that no technical shortcomings take away from the content itself. The content may be strong, but if the video is too small or the quality too low, viewers won’t bother sticking around to watch.

Example: Under Armor

Nothing can guarantee a viral video, but knowing the nature of the platform and your audience can strengthen your video content. Social media allows businesses to share high-quality content with a highly engaged audience to expand their reach and foster connections. A successful video can make millions of new impressions, inspire people to see a company differently, and strengthen existing relationships with consumers.


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