The First Week of a Martino Flynn Intern

Coming into this internship, I had no idea what to expect. I had never worked in an office before and felt a combination of nerves and excitement as I walked through the doors of Martino Flynn on my first day.

My nerves turned into excitement as our supervisors, Rose and Nick, described the energetic environment of the office. They encouraged us to introduce ourselves to the staff and to seek out as many experiences as we could. We headed out on a tour of the office, and as we passed by each desk, we were greeted with a warm smile or an excited “Welcome!” Not only is the office a friendly environment, but it’s also designed to enhance creativity and collaboration. After showing us the two cafés and several lounge areas, we were encouraged to explore the office and use these areas for meetings, or just a change of scenery.

I made my way to the open concept PR “hub” where I had my own desk, and quickly felt at home. With a layout similar to a newsroom, it’s easy to get to know your co-workers! On my first day, I was put in charge of all of the Greenhouse Program’s social media platforms. I made my first content calendar to plan the content being shared on the brand’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. After developing content, I learned how to use social media software to queue my posts and analyze the data from each one. Quickly, I learned how to compose a work order for the MF Art Department intern to generate graphics to spice up my social media posts and increase engagement.

Throughout the week, I was included in more meetings than I can count. I was invited to a brainstorm session in which I was encouraged to throw out some of my own ideas, and saw how research on the existing culture of a brand and its competitors is used to generate new content. I gained insight into the media list creation and preparation for a large press release distribution in a meeting with Megan Connor Murphy, director of Public Relations and social media. I even sat in on a PR update with one of the partners, and saw how co-workers kept each other in the loop on numerous ongoing projects.

As I got to know the other interns, I found that they, too, were immediately brought in on projects in their departments. The Broadcasting intern, Matt; Accounts intern, Kelsey; and Art Department Intern, Courtney, learned firsthand how to set up a successful client shoot. Matt got to film some B-roll; Kelsey learned about the intricate details that make up a successful print advertisement; and Courtney made an appearance in an image for a campaign! Chelsey, another Account Intern, researched market competitors to identify current market trends in over-the-counter products. And Ivy, the Copywriter intern, wrote several taglines for a new client product, which impressed the Creative team.

All of the interns agree that Martino Flynn is a truly integrated firm in which we will have the opportunity to learn and experience many aspects of the industry. Since the interns are included in all social events of the office, we are able to connect with and gain insight from many people (and eat a lot of delicious food)! After a week packed with opportunities to learn from the projects I was included in and from the employees at Martino Flynn, I’m looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring.

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