Typography, Music, and Motion

If you know me and my relationship with graphic design, you know that one of my favorite parts about it is typography, or how type is used to create design. If you know me at all in any other sort of way, you know that I absolutely love music. So, naturally, when two of my loves are combined into one, I get very excited. Cue the Lyric Video!

Below I am sharing two music videos shared by two very different musical artists. Both songs depicted are brought to life by the use of typography, motion, and bright colors in order to engage the listener visually as well as audibly. The video for Revolution by Diplo also includes simple shapes in and motion order to represent other visual elements. The typography in these videos is simple, yet it creates something that is visually stimulating to the viewer. I hope that you enjoy these videos as much as I do and appreciate the typography within them for the are that it is.

(Please be advised that this video for F%!@ You by Ce Lo Green is not censored.)

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