Greenhouse Update

Things are looking good. Our topic is set, the workload has been divided and everyone has been plugging away to bring all of our efforts together as a completed product.

I’m speaking, of course, about our Greenhouse project. As we are editing and preparing for the final presentation, a weight on our shoulders grows heavier with each passing day. It’s not that we are procrastinating; it’s that we are driven by our desire to please the partners. We’ve built up an image in our minds that they will not hold back and, if given the opportunity, they will tear our presentation apart with no remorse.

The partners are more pleasant and inviting than this, but the image we have constructed is certainly an excellent motivational tool.


I must say that it is fascinating to see different elements from different departments come together. Each intern in their respective department has been contributing in the ways that they know best. There is so much that I want to tell about what we have been doing, but that would ruin the final presentation. Don’t worry, for you’ll find out soon enough.

Next week we plan to complete our project as well as polish our presentation. Normally, with an important deadline looming so close in front of me, I would be panicking, but for some reason I feel at ease. Is this some sort of new found confidence? Am I that comfortable in this new setting? Who can say? What I do know is that I’m having fun and learning a lot at the same time.

What more could I ask for?

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