the iPhone 5c: for the colorful

I visited Boston this weekend and noticed that almost every bus stop and billboard was plastered with a colorful iPhone 5c ad. The colorful pinks, blues and greens were hard to avoid. In that moment I began to wonder why I haven’t noticed any of my iPhone loving friends with an iPhone 5c. This product has been on the market for over a month, it’s less expensive than previous models and it’s intensely colorful, yet I’ve heard little about it. As an iPhone user myself, I decided to look into it. I realized that beyond a doubt this has everything to do with the way Apple is branding it’s products.

The iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s were released on the same date. The first 5c commercial looked like this:


This product is branded as fun, colorful and cheap. Now take a look at the first 5s ad:



This phone is branded as luxurious and special. It’s made of metal, contrasting the 5c’s “plastic perfected” image. This ad is a clear nod to the fact that the main iPhone line (5s) is a more decadent, expensive product. Instead of relying on other cell phone retailers to remind consumers that the Apple iPhone is a high-end product, the company has taken it upon itself. This product branding technique is a clever way for Apple to maintain it’s high-end profile while still selling product to cost conscious costumers.



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