Crest and Oral-B Use Halloween to Their Advantage

Halloween is probably the only holiday that revolves itself around small children scoring candy. Easter comes to mind as well, but that has more of a religious origin than Halloween seems to. So, what does candy do to small children? It gives them tummy aches and rots their teeth if they are not careful. Parents don’t want to deal with that, but what can they do?

Crest and Oral-B teamed up and have created an awesome video directed to parents in order to promote their products. Their logic is that you cannot change candy or have a candy-less Halloween, for children will go insane. This video “proves” that and provides their products as an alternative to taking away Halloween candy from kids. The concept behind this video is simple enough, but the unscripted kids really took the cake. My favorite part is at the 51 second mark. Enjoy!

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