Colorful Campaigns

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My favorite ad campaigns are those which tell a story. These are effective because it is nearly impossible to run out of material. Instead, the story simply continues. The M&M’s brand has this down to a science. Around 1995, the M&M “spokescandies” were introduced. Each character has a unique personality, and represents a specific type of M&M (peanut, almond, dark chocolate, etc.). This campaign was been alive for almost two decades and the story still continues.

Just last year the newest spokescandy was introduced, Ms. Brown. The character first appeared in this Superbowl commercial.


This year, she informs us that the M&Ms will make an appearance in the first half of the Superbowl.



She references the commercial from last year’s Superbowl and gets us excited for the next. This campaign is strong in that the ads build off one another. In this way, it’s almost like following a TV show or watching a movie.The audience stays interested and wants to know what will come next.

You can read more about the M&M spokescandies and their colorful personalities here:

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