If it hasn’t been done, it’s worth doing

Many people find comfort in the norm. Why stray from what you’re familiar with if you’re content with how things are? If it’s not broken why fix it? This has not been the mindset in advertising.

With so many brands and products in the world today it’s easy for a message to get lost in the madness. What had initially drawn me to advertising was that new, innovative, sometimes crazy ideas are not only accepted, but are encouraged. You need that creative idea, regardless of what medium, to make your message stand out and be heard.

This way of thinking has been very evident here at Martino Flynn from the very start. When the Greenhouse interns pitched some ideas to the creative director for an upcoming campaign, the idea that caught his attention was the one we had almost thrown out, deeming it “too crazy.” Hopefully it won’t come back to bite him, but realizing what ideas thrive here are sometimes the ones that seems the most far-fetched.

Playing it safe with ideas that have shown results in the past is perfectly fine. But the large impact ideas are the ones that the world has never seen before.  It’s all about willing to take the risk to try that something new.  Ideas such as the Old Spice man, McDonalds interactive billboard, and Dunkin Donuts NYC graffiti mural are often the most memorable and most talked about. Taking the chance on something new can have long lasting positive results. The never been seen before is what gets people talking.

-Mike Parrone

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