About Greenhouse

You know why we call it the “Greenhouse,” right? Essentially, a greenhouse is a controlled ecosystem in which young seeds are planted, protected, and nourished until they are strong enough to sustain themselves in the real world. Ah, now you get it!


Martino Flynn started the Greenhouse Internship as an opportunity for aspiring marketing professionals to learn the tricks of the trade in a controlled, supportive environment. But this experience is about more than just résumé building. Starting off as seedlings, the interns here are tossed into the soil of a full-service marketing firm. During our time here, we’ll plant our roots by working alongside agency experts, operating under real-life agency expectations, and conducting actual client work. Hang out with us here at our blog page this summer to learn about our daily experiences, and watch as we transform our soil foundation into a full-functioning garden.

What we do

At some internships, your experience can be diluted by running errands and racing back and forth between the copier, fax, and coffee machine. Not at the Greenhouse. Here, we’re acknowledged as being students, but treated like full-fledged employees. That means instead of checking the dishwasher at the end of the night, we’re working under tight deadlines, joining in on actual projects, and producing our own substantial work.

Each intern is loosely assigned to his or her own department of interest. We use the term “loosely” because here at the Greenhouse, we’re encouraged to roam from branch to branch, spreading out those roots of ours across the entire firm. Departments range from (but are not limited to) account services and production, to copywriting, digital, and social media. Think of it this way: Have you ever seen a garden with only one kind of flower? The more exposure we get, the more bountiful our landscape. After all, the Greenhouse is all about growth.


Greenhouse interns have the opportunity to do meaningful work reflective of what will be expected of actual agency employees. This work can come from a variety of agency departments.

Below you will find a list and a short description of each department that Greenhouse interns can experience. If you are passionate about one of these areas it is encouraged that you make this evident when applying.

  • Accounting/HR
  • Account Services
  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Production/Traffic
  • Public Relations
  • Digital/Broadcast
  • Media

Accounting + HR
An efficient, smooth running agency is no guarantee. It is up to those in accounting and HR to make sure that a well-organized environment is in place. Everything from billing to tech support is covered here.

Account Services
Think of them as the bridge between the client and the rest of the agency. This insightful team of people translate what the client is asking for into a language that the rest of the agency can best understand.

At the core of this department are sound research, well-thought strategy, and thorough planning—all of which play an integral role in developing the most effective solutions to client requests.

Art director
Working alongside a copywriter this creative individual develops the overall visual concept for the advertisements. Although a firm graphic design/technical production understanding is critical, a strong marketing sense is just as important in order to communicate the proper message.

Crafting the right verbal/written message for advertisements that will best resonate with the intended audience is the primary concern of these “outside the box” thinkers. An ability to pinpoint the precise message to be communicated and decide the best way to accomplish this communication is essential.

An agency lives and dies on its ability to manage the workload and complete client work on time and on budget. Hence, the production/traffic department is responsible for maintaining the agency pulse through project management, budget checking/estimating, and vendor sourcing.

Public Relations
When it comes to generating positive publicity the PR department reigns supreme. These strategic individuals serve as the managers between the client and the media—constantly looking for local or national media opportunities to publicize the clients.

This department utilizes up-to-date technological facilities to coordinate and provide the imaging and audio needed to execute video and online projects. Whether it’s website coding or video shooting and editing, these individuals transform strategic marketing initiatives into video/online deliverables.

A large part of what the agency works on manifests itself in some form of media message. It is critical that proper media planning is practiced in order to provide the client with timely and cost-effective media plans.